2821 Emerywood Parkway – Suite 200
Richmond, VA  23294



The Richmond Medical Group Management Association (RMGMA) welcomes new members!

Please email rmgma@ramdocs.org to get more information on how to join the RMGMA. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

RMGMA Membership Categories: 
  • ACTIVE: Any individual employed in a management capacity by an entity providing healthcare
    services (including, but not limited to physician practices whether or not affiliated with an accredited graduate
    medical education or medical school program, federally qualified health centers or other community health
    centers providing physician or health care services, or ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic imaging centers,
    home health agencies or similar providers). 
  • STUDENT AFFILIATE: Any individual enrolled as a full-time student in a healthcare or business-related
    degree program at an accredited institution of higher learning (including, but not limited to, community colleges,
    technical colleges or universities or fellowship or post-graduate programs). A Student Affiliate Member shall not
    have the right to vote or to serve as a Director. 
  • LIFETIME MEMBER: Any individual who has been an Active Member in previous years and has fully
    retired from the field of health care management. A Lifetime Member shall not have the right to vote or serve as
    a Director.
  • AFFILIATE: Any individual who is employed by, or an owner of, an entity providing products or
    services to health care providers (including, but not limited to, health care vendors or similar providers, insurers
    or physician network administrators). An affiliate member shall not have the right to vote or to serve as an
    elected director. **Call to see if membership is open.**